What We Do

We sub-contract with various main con company in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Services, Plantation, Construction and Agriculture.

Our workers are mainly sourced from Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and other countries in order to provide efficient human resource solution.

We assure and committed to serve all our clients to optimum satisfaction as well as to solve any workers problem encountered throughout the contract period.

Responsible for undertaking the recruitment activities, saving client’s time, cost and hassle of hiring manpower in the ideal type and quality.

We have recruitment centres around West Malaysia, as well as training centres overseas to ensure a timely and efficient supply of manpower. To date, the company has recruited over 3,000 employees.

The company provide transport and 5 units accomodation.


We are committed to carry out development jobs without compromising on quality because :

* Company’s Track Record
* Employees Commitment And Responsibility
* Professionalism In Maintaining Any Task Given
* Good Reputation With Sub Contractors / Suppliers
* Practice Of Good Governance And Accountability
* Sensitive Towards Changes And Development In The Housing Industry
* Adhering To Government Rules And Regulations Of Housing Industry.

Training centre